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Kit Mosden and his helpful assistant Selleck I have been restoring antique furniture since 1965; professionally since 1970. For 30 years I operated out of San Anselmo (the San Francisco Bay Area) before moving to the beautiful Mendocino Coast and the charming town of Fort Bragg.

I specialize in antique furniture restoration, chair caning, rushing and splint seat reweaving (all of which are considered by many to be dying arts). Because of the small size of the shop we often limit how many items we can take in at any one time so as to give every item the care it needs.

We handle hundreds of chairs annually just for recaning, in addition to our antique furniture restoration.

We have a strong following of Antique dealers & repeat customers, many of whom have been coming to us since the early 1970's and recommend us to their friends and customers.

Although I'm not an appraiser, I'm happy to give my opinion about the value of antique furniture that is brought in. I always tell a customer whether or not the piece is worth restoring or even if it should be refinished (some pieces of antique furniture, even though in less than perfect shape, should not be touched because it lowers their value considerably).

My customers often delight in the vast array of furniture found in my workshop--ranging from "modern" Breuer chrome chairs (actually designed in the 1930's) in for recaning, to an 17th Century burlwood chest in for veneer repair work, to a kitchen chair needing regluing for many more years of use.

I personally enjoy working on every piece of furniture and treat them as if they were my own.

We are one of the oldest antique restoration shops in Northern California although our work comes from all over the United States.

*Some hints for furniture care:

1. Keep your furniture -- whether it be a fine antique or a modern chair -- out of direct sun or stored in extremes of heat and cold or excessive moisture.

2. Don't lean back in chairs on two legs unless you want a broken neck as well as a broken chair.

3. Chairs aren't ladders -- see above!

4. AVOID using cleaning products and waxes that include Silicone on your fine furniture (this includes most spray waxes). Your furniture is not Carol Doda. If in doubt give us a call or email us and we will be happy to make recommendations.


At Mosden's that's what we do. We give yesteryear another chance. We've spent the past 35 years restoring, repairing, refinishing, recaning, & splint weaving almost every piece of furniture imagineable. We've had the priviledge of working on items from many different time periods and from all over the world.

Some things ARE worth keeping. We're here to help.

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